Rise and Grind ; D.

I really hope I run into the perfect #PLUR stranger to give this to at #EDC2013 #EDC #EDCLASVEGAS
The fact that @pasqualerotella even has to tweet this is horrible. If you cantain maintain the #PLUR you shouldn’t be attending #EDC its as simple as that! #BeKind #DontRuinIt
These shrooms were so bomb.
I had a great trip at EDC
Im dreaming big here,

but I lowkey want a kiss tomorrow underneath some pretty ass fireworks since I couldnt do that at EDC because of my mouth being wired shut. :(

Myself and Dani
EDC day 3
Me and Nickie
Leaving EDC 2012
It was an epic amazing weekend!
I cant wait to go back for a third year and rave underneath the electric sky <3
EDC day 3
EDC day 3
EDC day 3
EDC day 3
It started as a rave and ended as a riot!
DATSIK with my friend Josh!
EDC day 3
That one random kid I didnt know not only does he string, he gloves too!
He was the shit!
EDC day 3
I have no idea who this kid was but his stringing KICKED ASS
Mad props!
EDC day3
They killed ittt!!
EDC day 3
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